How To Buy Vintage Clothing

30 November 2018
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Whether you're looking to indulge your own tastes or buy something for a friend or loved one, vintage clothing is a great choice. When you walk into a vintage clothing store, though, you'll want to know whether you're really getting a good value for your dollar. To accomplish that goal, you need to know a little bit about the vintage clothing sector before you dive in. Learn How to Spot Vintage Clothes Read More 

Four Things to Understand About Cleaning Your Silicone Breast Forms

18 October 2018
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Caring for your silicone breast forms appropriately will extend their usefulness and allow you to wear them more comfortably. Most forms do not need much care besides regular cleaning. Here are the things you should be aware of when it comes to cleaning your breast forms.  You Should Clean Your Forms After Each Use  Oils and dead skin cells can build up on your breast forms, so it's important to clean them after each use, even if you have only worn them for a brief period of time. Read More 

Are You Planning A Cruise Wardrobe?

30 August 2018
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Are you going on a cruise? If you've cruised before, you already know that space in your living area is not huge. If you've never been on a cruise in the past, consider the fact that there is limited space in your stateroom. With that in mind, planning your cruise wardrobe might take some real thinking. From including athletic shoes as part of your footwear to choosing basic items of clothing you can mix and match, here are some ideas that might help you to pack just the right clothes for your upcoming cruise. Read More 

Why You Should Wear Moisture-Wicking Clothing When You Work Out All Year

16 June 2018
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You are a die-hard jogger. The weather could be muggy and a hundred degrees out, or it could be well below zero, but you are out for your jog early in the morning or late at night. You do not stop. Even when you are sick (which is rare because you exercise like gangbusters!), you are jogging/running. If you have not figured out yet that you should invest in moisture-wicking performance clothing, you should be informed of the reasons why. Read More 

Choosing The Right Baby Pajamas If Your Premature Baby Is Sensitive To Cold

13 April 2018
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When a baby is born prematurely, they often go through a difficult period of adjustment. In some instances, they may have a hard time sleeping at night due to cold weather. Thankfully, high-quality baby pajamas, such as from Piper Jade Kids, can prevent this issue. Premature Babies Are More Sensitive A variety of studies have shown that premature babies are prone to be more sensitive to pain and other sensations later in life. Read More