Native American Culture And Baby Moccassins: How To Be Culturally Sensitive

25 April 2017
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So you want to buy baby moccasins for your Native American friend who has just had a baby? That is a very cute idea. There may be one tiny problem--buying moccasins with rival tribe decorations and beading. Since you are not sure if your friend would be insulted by the rival tribe or Nation's beadwork, you may either want to skip this idea, or decipher the right moccasins for your friend's baby. Read More 

How to Style White Tuxedo Pants

27 January 2017
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If you're looking for a cool, classic look to wear anywhere from the office to running errands on the weekend, try a pair of white tuxedo pants on for size. You can pair the traditional-looking pants with a number of tops, shoes, and accessories to create an effortless, customized look. Typically made with lightweight cotton or linen, tuxedo pants may also contain a bit of stretch for a sleek fit that won't bag out in all the wrong places, such as at the knees. Read More 

Get The Facts About Fur Coats

9 January 2016
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Owning a fur coat has long been a status symbol of wealth and luxury. But fur coats are not without controversy, and many animal rights groups are against the use of making and wearing them. If you have considered buying a fur coat, here are some important facts you should know. The Top Markets For Fur The United States has an impressive fur market, with over 1,100 different retailers selling fur products, and 100 different manufacturers located within the US. Read More 

Three Green Alternatives To Traditional Dry Cleaning

5 August 2015
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Dry cleaning has been a fundamental feature of how we care for our clothes for decades. However, the environmental cost of the process is high. Perchloroethylene, or perc, the most common solvent used by modern dry cleaners, has been classified as a possible carcinogen and hazardous environmental material by the US EPA. While low levels of perc are not thought to be dangerous for the average dry clean customer, alternative methods of dry cleaning, or at least achieving results similar to dry cleaning, have been developed. Read More 

Four Tips To Keep In Mind If Your Child Needs Glasses

23 June 2015
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If your child needs prescription glasses, there are a few factors that you should make sure come into play when picking out eyewear for your child. Buying glasses for children can come with different priorities than glasses for adults. Here are four tips when it comes to picking out eyewear for your child. 1. Don't Opt for Expensive Glasses if You Can Help It While eyewear in general can be expensive, anything that you can do to get the cost down on your child's eyewear will be worth it. Read More