2 Essential Dance Items You'll Need For Your First Adult Ballet Class

6 October 2017
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Ballet is a beautiful, graceful, and timeless dance style. It's a popular choice for children all over the world as an extracurricular activity, whether this leads to a career in dance or is simply a sociable and enjoyable pastime. Increasingly,  women are taking up ballet as adults across the country. For some, this is a continuation of childhood dance lessons and for others, it may be the chance to fulfill a lifelong dancing dream.

Starting ballet as an adult isn't generally a decision based on becoming a professional ballerina, it's usually about taking part in an activity that is fun and healthy. Ballet provides a great overall workout, builds strong core muscles, and helps to keep your body lithe, strong, and flexible. If you're about to start adult ballet classes, then here are the two essential dance items you'll need to buy:

1. A leotard

A leotard is a vital piece of dancewear for any aspiring ballerina. There is a wide variety of styles and colors available in online stores or at dancewear boutiques. They're important because they allow freedom of movement and also allow your ballet instructor an unrestricted view of the line of your body.

If you're less than confident with your body shape, opt for a leotard with a less revealing cut that makes you feel comfortable. You might like to choose one that has full-length sleeves for extra coverage and add a pair of fitted lycra shorts over the top.

2. Ballet shoes

Having a good quality pair of ballet shoes is the other vital item you'll need to begin your new ballet lessons. While you don't need the most expensive pair that money can buy, it's wise to invest in the best pair that's within your budget. Not only will they perform better, they'll also last you for a much longer time.

A good pair of ballet shoes should be made from soft leather and not a man-made material. Leather allows your feet to breathe and won't start to peel or crack after being worn for a while. To begin with, you'll only need standard shoes. If your lessons go well and you progress to a higher level, pointe shoes can be purchased at a later date.

Starting new ballet classes is a wonderful way to get fit, make new friends, and develop a graceful new skill. With these two essential items, you'll arrive at your first lesson looking and feeling ready to begin. Contact a company like Lea Marie for more information and assistance.